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Creative Machines on Wheels


   The Centerpiece Marketplace



“Auto Show”




 Creative Machines on Wheels


"Join in and enjoy

A "Unique" Experience

An Auto Show combined with The Centerpiece Marketplace - A Swap Meet Style Independent Vendor Market  Setting

  A Great Shopping and Entertaining Experience




This Event Is Open To The Public - All Are Welcome To Attend




Join us and enjoy

 The Centerpiece Marketplace & Auto Show  


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Payment options  in the Office of via Phone


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Registration- Fee $25.00 per entry


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Please include your "confirmation number on your  Registration From

once you have the Confirmation Number inserted on the form in the box

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you can submit your registration form via "Fax"  with all documents Signed


via e-mail


 Sign your documents at time of check in on Show Day



Auto Show Registration




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Office location
Centerpiece-Presentations  /  Real Life Expressions LLC  -  6007 Financial Plaza - Suite 714  Shreveport, LA. 71129


Centerpiece-Presentations  P.O. Box 17885  Shreveport, La. 71138



Centerpiece-Presentations provides a venue for buyers and sellers to gather while engaging entertaining blends of various enjoyments, 

Sellers of various consumer merchandise and Automotive Parts and Accessories,  can create for themselves a great opportunity to market their goods, products and services.. Anyone wishing to sell can purchase  space and present products and service they wish to market . Anyone wishing to buy simply needs to show up at 10am with some spending money and a couple hours worth of free time. All sales made are between seller and buyer only. Centerpiece-Presentations Auto Show, each entrant will have a placard, and the public may cast their votes for the vehicle of their choice in the category of their choice. ,  Each Participating member will represent themselves by a Placard, with Name, vehicle, Type and Class and Entry number. 

No vehicles may be moved, once the show starts, No engines running, or any demonstration of Engine or Performance is allowed.

If you vehicle has moving parts, that operate during the show, you must have it roped off .. with a perimeter of _____ for the public to see around your vehicle but remain a safe distance from any moving parts and their operation. ( this must be approved for display as a moving parts, item,  this must be disclosed at the entry of your vehicle, and must be inspected in it's operation prior to the shows start. if it is approved. then you, the vehicle owner. will be required to sign a release of liability of any type .that removes Centerpiece-Presentations and the Auto Show from any level, type of kind of liability.. and denote that you, the owner, assumes all liability for your vehicle, it's parts, components and any damage that is cause by the willful or unwillful acts involving your vehicle.

  " Vehicle that enter the premise must have in their possession Proof of Liability Insurance


trash disposal is limited, so if you have a large volume of trash, you may be required to take some of it with you, if the available units won't support it)

Security is promoted and we engage to provide quality security with a combination of Shreveport Police and Private Security Firms to afford us great visibility and enhanced security performance. We want everyone to feel comfortable to have a great enjoyable experience, and engage safe and secure business activities.


We do not support nor provide participation to any gang affiliation or members of gangs - our events are Family Styled Events, - No Weapons, No Gang signs or symbols .

Admission is accepted by individual with  full and inclusive understanding, that Centerpiece-Presentations /Real Life Expressions LLC will not be Responsibility for accident or injury, we assume no responsibility nor liability for any injury or damage incurred during the engagement with the Centerpiece Marketplace or any of the grounds and facilities associated with The Centerpiece Marketplace or it’s Vendors.

All and Without Exception  " Vehicle that enter the premise must show Proof of Liability Insurance upon entry.



Seller Guidelines 

 ( apply to Show Car entrants who purchase a space to sell their products

Will receive a temporary vendor seller permit at the time of payment


No rollerblades, roller skates, skate boards, bicycles or motorized scooters are allowed.

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