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   Our Future Smiles With You

Each-time  "You"  Smile with a child

"do it often" and the world unites

"Youth plan for 2010+"



Keeping The Youth "Involved"

Our Future and The Future of the Youth     -     makes for     -      "A Unified Future for All"



Through Organized Programs

We at Centerpiece-Presentations, “The Centerpiece Marketplace” like to involve the Youth in the movements of today,  we as a society must always include the youth in our growth as a community and as a society overall.

Far too often there are progresses made that does not involve the young people of the community, - We believe in their future as being our future.

 Building upon ideas, of which many are found in the youth or our communities,  The causes they support, and the projects they pursue. As with all, We simply need opportunity to engage the pathways.-

Our Youth will turn them into Highways.,

We goals will include  actively seeking out the colleges in our areas, to help support, and promote the youth groups, it's an invaluable opportunity for any college student and gives them real work interaction, while helping and unifying with the youth, and together, we build a "one world" sure step program, that has many connecting point.


hope is enriched  with the smile of each child



The great gift of education, the awsome spirit of learning, and the audacity within growth...  making our future unfold each day -  Our Youth, hold  the Spirit of Our Hope

We wish you, to have a pleasant and beneficial event - Our hope for each of you to gain positive growth through the experience, as being a part of the community and contributing member, to the further our collective progress in youth development.


Paint your world the color of dreams



 Programs We'd like to build

Senior to Seniors -  a program where the Senior of High Schools host a spring lawn luncheon for the Senior Citizens in their community.

City- Community  Connection-  The Students have a program - they work with Senior Citizens in the community,  to provide their various skills to the community, by planning and putting on programs for the Senior Citizens, they can do small version and take it to Senior Citizen complexes, on a monthly basis, circulating among various centers, and do a annual performance in the School Auditorium, where it invites the Senior citizens in the neighborhood.

Landscape / Cultural-Connect - Student Groups- work to turn their front lawns, and other lawn areas around their school, into park like setting, with various status, and other park like things, Each year, a New group is assigned to add an enhancement, and maintain what exist.  so each Year, the Graduating Class has the ability to leave their Mark upon the history of the institution.

Other projects, would include- Student Groups, building various city markers, which will be designed and created by student groups, working with local artisans and others in the community to held coordinate and lead their work.


This enhances and promotes a connection of youth into and as a part of what the community becomes, and how the community connects unto the city.

All Major Events created by Centerpiece-Presentations will include youth participation sections.


Thank you



“The Centerpiece-Marketplace”

Ask us about " youth performances"  to showcase the skills and talent of youth groups and organizations. .. we groom our youth to be the bright shining stars of tomorrow

" Our humanity is tied to our treatment of children"

"Youth plan for 2009"


The Wonderful Presence of Youth

 Enriching our lives, inspiring our world. with new ideas and new growth

Submit picture and brief  write up

 Students, who excel and reach beyond to give of their best

 We will feature them within the website 

The Amazing Southern State of Louisiana ... taking the lead into tomorrow




Never too young to start learning



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