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"Grasp -The Brilliance of Youth"

This is an introduction to a program we aspire to initiate in the coming year 2009

Grasp the Brilliance of Youth  .. Building A Future - 21st Century  "Excellence"


 Tomorrows Professionals

Come From 

Today's Youth

Share With Your Support 

"Grasp -The Brilliance of Youth"

We will develop a "positive active" = "certain result" program, and it will be open to accept , volunteers, donations and contributions

Always With  Transparency

 You will know what your effort help to build - through the inspired lives  we motivate within our youth.

it will take " lots of good work", we can roll up our sleeves, and achieve many good  things - working together.

Our Aim is to assist with Youth Project Development,  implementations of Projects which embrace Involvements and  Promote Civic  & Cultural Pride within Our Youth and within our City

They, ( The "Youth" of Today)  become an active contributor in our cities Growth.. adding to our Nations Progress into "The 21 Century" They Help Inspire and Help Build 

a future to be the way we like it to be

Hands in Hands

" Our World "


Grasp - The Brilliance of Youth

inspired within

 "Real Life Expressions Fund" 

as part of Centerpiece-Presentations

 Home Based in 

 The City of Shreveport 


BE A Life Guard of Growth and Education



Join Us

We aspire to build and to help support the development and implementation of Youth for the Future.

Our aim is the establishment of 

"Centerpiece-Presentations  - "Grasp-The Brilliance of Youth

Providing inspiration and assistance through  "Real Life Expressions Fundand the contributors who help make this a reality.


Our goal for this program is to promote Cultural Literacy, Cultural and Civic Pride, along with Academic and Artistic development, combined with real world awareness of the business climate of life 

 With improvement focus to include Youth  Reading-Speaking -Self Expression  Presentations Skills, and Development of Projects 

 Blending  their involvement and participation, through their efforts uniting all of us, "together", building "our" future 

It Takes Each  of  Us Reaching Within and Sharing -    "Your Part Counts"

 Helping Our Young People Find Their Hidden Talents Through Community Involvement

We make the  first step .. let's march together into the progress of the future

The Centerpiece marketplace 

 "Youth Connection"

The Programs are Bold in Their Reach, We as A City Must Make This The Standard Within Our  Motivations 

 Youth in Motion


How we will make Youth a Part of Our Events

Initially, We will provide the  3 spaces to Youth for

Youth Business Program

as follows

( Indoors )

Provide one space


two outdoors spaces

We also provide, 3 spaces,  for Youth Art's and Science and other choices of youth usage, they may display their presentations or Offer them for Sale. for displays, the Public May vote of them, and we will Award the winner $100 toward it's Groups fund. 

as follows

( Indoors )

Provide one space


two outdoors spaces


Youth Performances will be Included in Many of Our Presentations

As a Civic Based Program

We Hope to develop Civic and Cultural Aspect, and Partner Youth with Artistic Types, and Academic Excellence, and work thru the city. its council and city services, to have the Youth to design and develop, city markers as a Project, as it grows we can have different School Groups from different Schools through the City to work on other projects, to beautify and make distinct our cityscape. 


Donations and Sponsorship, are invited, the young people of our community are appreciative of any and all help, in their efforts to craft and build a future.. What you give and do today, builds the kind of tomorrow, we each take pride within.  Teamwork.. is our pathway to crossing generational gaps, cultural divides and ethnic division, we blend today, to Insure tomorrow, We Are United.. We, as United Americans, Make a Stable and Solid Nation, that is prepared to embrace it's own future .. 

One of our first task, with the help of contribution from the citizens of the city and any who care to support our aims of youth development

We seek to develop a Program to enhance and Make enjoyable Reading and Public speaking, by the use of enhancement tool, to aid the motivational engagements of the Student within our City.  We will target a Kick off School - as Fair Park High.. it matches with the History of the Fair Grounds which is the Historic setting chosen as the home base of  The Centerpiece Marketplace, but we will not stop there.. We'll grow and develop a great program as we will expand it to other schools within the city and parish, as well as partnering with any other program, to build a seamless network for our youth connectivity.

Today is only the beginning of developing a better future for the youth of today, to build the world of tomorrow.

      The Unity of Families - Making a Community       

That's our Future

some ideas and  and great plan concepts

We will coordinate with our city schools, and for each graduating class of Senior, we will assist them in sponsoring a "Senior program, which coordinate with the Senior Citizen in the community.. " for example, the Senior Students,  during "senior week".. can host " Lunch on the Lawn- Seniors to Seniors" ; We can develop  "assist programs", which creates and provides avenues for the Youth to connect with Senior, from a wide range of fields of professionalism, and gain invaluable information, and inspired drive, to seek greater levels of achievements and do so with cultural and civic pride as a core element.

Our Senior citizens in the lives of today individuals, have a thirst to give of what they know, share of what they learned, and to be a continual part of social progress, far and beyond their employment retirement.  we build the connection of pathway, through our team working spirit, as a community .  We unite our nation, into a beautiful weave of shared growth and one world progress.. through partnerships, and team working;  We all gain a more positive and progressive future in the building of programs, that inspire unity.

We have some amazing concept for youth involvement, in our developing and rebuilding of our city, it's cultural connectivity and it's positive progressions..   We make tomorrow better, through our will and want to do so, and we engage our effort to see to it, that it is better.  Each of us count in making that our own self embraced reality.

We can also create "the book exchange" within the Centerpiece Marketplace - bring a book / take a book..

  The beauty within  books        indulge the "expressions" ... of  the endless adventures within life ...  pick a book, discover the world..

The authors and creators, teachers and success achiever of tomorrow - Read the books of today


There will be some great things to come in the ongoing development of

 Grasp -The Brilliance of Youth

 A  Youth Connection Into the Future




Your Support is the Key    

Re-invest yourself.. into The Future



The power of belief in our young people creates a nation - built by unity



Consideration - Attention - Relationships  - Endearment

Classrooms - Academics - Resourcefulness  - Efforts

Citizens - Actively - Reinvesting  - through  Encouragement

Everything  C.A. R. E.  represents

Leads to a better future



  Giving Youth Support  


    They Achieve Amazing Things





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Real Life Expressions LLC  Your connection into tomorrow

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