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G.R.A.S.P  - The Brilliance of Youth

Showcasing Youth Excellence


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BE A Life Guard of Growth and Education



G.R.A.S.P - (Grow Research Aspire Study Progress)



Parent's - Your Support Matters

If your child is not excelling in school then you may be failing your child ?

Their Education is yours as a parent, as well as their responsible goal as a student

To become contributors to societies education and prospering growth


Are you actively involved in your Childs education? / Do you support and Attend School functions / Are you actively involved in the PTA ? / Do you monitor your Childs study ? /  Do you teach your child about classroom discipline ? / Do you mandate your child to respect the Teaching staff ? /  Do you give your child encouragement and do you take the time to acknowledge their school work achievement ? / Are you too busy, to attend your child's school performances ? / Are you actively seeking our help- information and guidance to assist your child with higher educational goals ? /  Do you know what books your child reads ? / Do you know whom your child's friends are ? / When was the Last time your child visited the Library ? /  Does your child spend more time playing video games and watching Television than Studying ?  / Is your child well groomed before leaving for school ? / Do you know whom your child walks with from School ? / Do you know about the Area your child catches the Bus- who's there ?  Do you warn them to insure they have a School mate with them when they are on public streets waiting for the Bus ? / Does your child know, they can go to ANY Fire Station as a Safe House ? / Is your child sagging their pants ? /

Your answer to any of these, may help you as a parent- to think about what better you can do to support the success of your child in their educational achievement.

"Every Child"  Wants to be Recognized by their parents for the Work and Achievement they make - Your child needs  your recognition and your attention,  whether you have recognized  this fact  before or not  - You make a world of difference in their life.


Grasp -The Brilliance of Youth

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Safety Tips

Buy Your child a "Whistle"- For Safety to use going to and from School


A small measure for Safety can mean a world of Safe children

Whistles are often used as warning devices or as safety devices serving to attract attention to the user.




Grasp -The Brilliance of Youth

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