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"The Centerpiece Marketplace"


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                   a great  Showcase place for Entertainers

We are developing a New Program leading to a New-Way to engage Business.

( Please Check back  for Updates on Progress )

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The Centerpiece Marketplace

P.O. Box 8022

Shreveport, LA. 71129


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Phone: 318- 734-0057

Message to assure you we care about personal information security ~ We do not store any credit card info on this web site, We do not record any customer transactions info on our web site of customer transactions &  We do not maintain a  online data base of customer info - We do not sell your info to third parties.

If you would like your contact info shared with associate vendors, Please submit your request in writing -we will notify you of any party you've agreed to share your contact information

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Connecting People in Real Life Expressions

" One Person" at a Time

A New way to "Create Your Style of Progress"... in Changing times.... We support you, in your own business aims... We help you expand your options.. Showcase your Business - We Promote Existing and Aspiring talent - in our collection of services.

Our Church Life Global Service Help you Find a Spiritual connection for your Personal Interest

If you are a Church / Spiritual Organization  or Non Profit Social Services Organization-

List with Our Church Life Global Network

Call Us   318-734-0557     



The Centerpiece Marketplace

Creating Opportunity for Vendors and Small Business owners to work and improve their earning opportunities

Working with You - Creating New Way to Move Our Economy Back into the Forefront

 List With Us ~ We seek any and all  Unique Vendors / Small Business Owners ~ With Great Products and Services

Tired of Not making any Money, or having customers "not" visit you

I know there has to be a better way

The Pay check just don't go far enough

If I could only, earn some extra



The best things I've ever done was act on my Ideas 

I'm ready, to market my talent,

I never imagined it could be

such an opportunity for me.

Grasp A Dream


 Share it

I have good skills, and talent

I can put myself through colleges, and

be a business woman on Weekends

 all at the same time. What a Blessing !!!

Get with the feeling, and create


it's great to provide service

soon, you'll be saying

I love having my own business

Nothing is beyond your ability

when you Put forth your efforts


Business Ownership is the way to go

clothes, homemade 'snacks market "your" designer clothes ( when available)  at outdoors area events:  New cars, Used cars, Trucks, Motorcycles
Sports products automotive products home decor Plants, fruits and vegetables
"home cooking" Fresh off the Grill Kids clothing And much more--  you think it, you bring it, you sell it..
sea food Music and kids fun cook off contest - bake sale "You name it, let's market it and enjoy it "


The Centerpiece Marketplace

What a great opportunity !!!   and it's " fun entertainment too "

 It's a great way for schools and churches to enhance their fund raising opportunity, showcase skills and talent

Enjoy a Unique Experience

Join us

"The Centerpiece Marketplace"

brought to you by

We Rebuild Our Economy, One Person at a time, tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit within Individuals, providing an opportunity for each person, to try their hand at owning their own business  enterprise.  We make the Difference, and We create the Success

Marketplace Business Opportunity, has been the Start Point of many Prospering Business, while at the same time offering existing business greater opportunities to move products and increase Sales, providing new inspirations within The Spirit of Business

It all depends on us, the people, "We are what makes America Work and Stand as a Great Country.

Here at The Centerpiece Marketplace we make it simple and " easy as  1-2-3 "

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The Centerpiece Marketplace 

The Avenue For New Business Entrants & Existing Business                Expand Your Opportunity and Increase Your Customer Base   





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